Hot Wired AV specializes in the design, installation and service of technologies that make your home comfortable & entertaining.

STEP 1: Get an idea of the technology you are interested in. It’s recommended to start with “control system required” options marked with a (Crestron & Control 4 badge) as they require a control platform for usability.

STEP 2: Contact us to schedule a 1 on 1 meeting with our dedicated technologist to discover the unique needs of your project and if your chosen technology is a good fit for your application. We will discuss each in more depth. Our recommended solutions and design services will create a comforting and fun experience. If you have no idea what you’d like, go ahead and pick up the phone or send us an email and we’ll walk you through everything.

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Residential Technology, control platform required.*

  • Home AutomationHome AutomationCrestron or Control 4 required. Play music, watch TV, dim the lights, lower the shades, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system all from one mobile device or tablet. Control your home’s functions and customize scenes like "Goodnight" or "Welcome". Your options are endless.
  • Lighting Controls Lighting ControlsCrestron or Control 4 required. Panelized lighting paired with keypad wall plates or motion detection can trigger lighting “scenes” to a desired ambiance. Keep it simple with "all on/off" functions or set "welcome" and "away" scenes. Dimmers, switches and custom wall plates match most decors and reduce the clutter of traditional wall switches. Ask about circadian lighting that mimics hues of natural light throughout the day for better body rhythm and health benefits.
  • Home TheaterHome TheaterCrestron or Control 4 required. Experience the magical world of movies and other content. We design and scale theaters in some of the most unique spaces. Everything from picture, acoustics, seating, comfort & furnishings are considered.
  • AV Rack & Wire ManagementAV Rack & Wire ManagementMetal racks house all equipment and head- end wiring in a central location to keep gear running optimally with proper ventilation. Wire management & labeling ensures easy troubleshooting, future equipment change-outs and/or upgrades.
Pre-Wire & Cables
  • Cat CablesCat CablesCat cable transfers data between hard-wired devices in low voltage applications. It’s used in Networking for internet and can also be used as a power source also known as POE. Most often hard-wired connections do the heavy lifting for reliability within a system and wireless options are added to it.
  • HDMIHDMIHigh definition multimedia interface cable transfers uncompressed audio/video data short distances. Often connects TVs to media players, like cable boxes and streaming devices.
  • CoaxialCoaxialTransfers high frequency signals long distances. Usually used for cable & satellite service.
  • Fiber OpticFiber OpticTransfers data fast and more durable than copper for cable runs and connecting network switches. Best wire for future-forward applications.
Home Network & Wi-Fi
  • Wired NetworkWired NetworkFoundation of any smart home with connected devices. Hardware includes modem, router, switch and cabling. We work with and advise many cable and internet providers.
  • Access PointsAccess PointsWired access points do the heavy lifting allowing smart devices to connect to the network. Positioning and building structure are important aspects to ensure quality and reliability of the home’s Wi-Fi coverage. Mesh Networks are a good secondary option when hard-wiring is a challenge.
Residential Video
  • Smart TVSmart TVDeliver your message or promotion with appeal. TVs can be both landscape or portrait oriented.
  • Art Frame TVArt Frame TVOur Commercial TVs are designed for high use with better warranties than consumer grade.
  • Motorized Art ScreenMotorized Art ScreenVideo walls deliver seamless images and customized media scalable to any size or shape.
  • Projector Screens & ProjectorsProjector Screens & ProjectorsMotorized or Fixed depending on the room’s needs. Motorized can be installed in-ceiling or in-floor. New technology is allowing screens to grow based on aspect ratio viewing desires. A wide range of projectors are available including instant-on laser options and technology that allows viewing in brighter light applications.
  • Outdoor TVs Outdoor TVsDesigned to withstand the elements while providing great picture quality. We offer a variety of brands with several mounting solutions to enhance any outdoor living space. Firepits, kitchen & dock spaces.
Residential Audio
  • In-WallIn-WallFlush mounted speakers within the wall or ceiling that take up minimal space with only grill covers visible. Several quality speaker line options available for various budgets.
  • InvisibleInvisibleMounted flush to the wall and covered with a thin layer of drywall mud. Paintable in order to conceal the look of a speaker.
  • Mount or FreestandingMount or FreestandingMounted externally or able to rest on bookshelf, tabletop or even under the TV as a soundbar. Custom soundbars ensure exact TV length fit and can be fully configurable. Optional speaker lines available for various budgets.
  • LandscapeLandscapeMounted in the ground with stakes, directional and available in multiple sizes. Fixed or Swivel.
  • 360360Omni-directional outdoor speaker.
  • Patio MountedPatio MountedSurface mounted with swivel brackets in multiple color and sizes.
  • RockRockHas a rock-like exterior finish available in multiple colors to blend into the surroundings.
  • SubwoofersSubwoofersChoose freestanding or underground. Freestanding are compact, can rest on any hard surface and pack a punch. Underground delivers a booming sound from the depths of your landscaping in order to be discreetly hidden. Subs come in various sizes, shapes and colors.
Shades & Window Treatments
  • MotorizedMotorizedNever walk up to a shade again. Change shade position with a button press or automate them by time of day.
  • Custom Fabrics & StylesCustom Fabrics & StylesIndoor or outdoor applications. Choose between rollers, horizontal sheers, honeycomb or screen materials in a variety of fabrics and colors for privacy, room darkening & light filtering. Customized options can match any color or pattern and are very interior designer friendly.
Doorbells, Door Locks & Intercoms
  • Video DoorbellsVideo DoorbellsVariety of brands that allow greater interaction with guests & visitors or even to keep sight of deliveries.
  • Smart Door LocksSmart Door LocksLock and unlock doors without a key from anywhere. Passcode and alert enabled to allow anyone to come and go. Receive notifications when the door is left unlocked.
  • Door StationsDoor StationsAllow someone to intercom from the door to interact with them.
Interior Lighting Fixtures
  • RecessedRecessedExperience lighting naturally, low voltage style. Dimmable, available in many styles and finishes for the most modern designs. Hues include white, RGB and RGBW.
  • Step & StairStep & StairLight pathways and add class to stairways with a variety of fits and finishes. Available indoor and outdoor.
  • LED Rope & Lighting (RGB & RBG+W)LED Rope & Lighting (RBG & RBGW)Fully dimmable for use in trey ceilings, for up lighting, wall washing and backlighting. RGB gives access to millions of colorful hues while RGB+W offers color and pure whites.
Cameras (optional app allows mobile friendly viewing)
  • TurretTurretPopular for wider angle views. Easy to adjust for perfect angle.
  • BulletBulletBest for very specific angles and long lenses.
  • DomeDomeConceals the direction of the camera making it ideal for locations susceptible for vandalism.
  • PTZPTZPa, Tilt, Zoom cameras are great for active coverage of a large area. Can be programmed on scheduled tours.
  • Alarm PanelAlarm PanelIncludes keypad, cellular communicator & battery backup.
  • Door & Window SensorsDoor & Window SensorsChoose between routing functions that meet your organizational needs.
  • Smoke DetectorSmoke DetectorReduce congestion and increase reliability by grouping devices securely within the network.
  • Glass Break SensorGlass Break SensorWirelessly access the network and allow guest access for flexibility.
  • Motion DetectorMotion DetectorEnsure coverage is at its best with increased signal strength within and around the property.

Our Services

Full Design & Packaging Options

We listen and discover your needs and desires and work with you to develop a system that meets expectations and budget. Some equipment and brands are best paired together and we may offer them as our very own “package”. We are happy to help you navigate and make the most educated decisions about the technology you choose.


We use the best processes to install efficiently and effectively. We are experienced in our technology and understand what is needed to ensure it runs optimally and reliably. Quality products mean a great deal to us and we take the best care in making sure it’s installed correctly for the best possible performance.

Jobsite & Schedule Management

We like our workspaces clean and so do you. We’ll haul away our own trash, wear booties and protect finished surfaces. We treat others as we would like to be treated and do our very best to stay on task and on schedule. Communication is one of the best tools we own.


Our programming takes the user experience into great consideration. We know that there is a direct correlation between a user’s happiness with how easy a system is to use. At the completion of a project, we hold a system orientation to show you how to operate it and answer any questions.

Monitoring Devices & Support Plans

Every control system incorporates a monitoring device that alerts us if devices fall offline. We have remote capabilities to reboot hard-wired pieces to ease trouble shooting dilemmas. This helps your system stay up and running and keeps our service timely. You’ll have a choice for an on-going service plan and be given our direct support contacts for quick responses.

Security Monitoring

We offer security monitoring through our partner central station; Security Central. Our customers pay for equipment and sign no contract. Choose between low monthly/quarterly pricing or a discounted yearly plan and cancel anytime with a 30-day notice. We see it as a privilege to protect your home and assets and treat it as such. We have some of the lowest monitoring prices around.