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Crestron® Zum™ Battery-Powered Wireless 4 Button Keypad-Almond
Crestron® Zum™ Battery-Powered Wireless 4 Button Keypad-Almond 0

Crestron® Zum™ Battery-Powered Wireless 4 Button Keypad-Almond

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Crestron® Zum™ Battery-Powered Wireless 4 Button Keypad-Almond with up to three scene presets and optional sensor disable feature
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An extremely slim, battery-powered wireless keypad for controlling Zūm™ J-Box Load Controllers. Can be mounted to an electrical box or directly to any flat wall surface.Faceplate sold separately.

The Zūm™ Battery-Powered Wireless Keypad (ZUMMESH-KPBATT) provides control of one or more Zūm J-Box Load Controllers (ZUMMESH-JBOX). It is available with a rocker switch or various combinations of pushbuttons. The rocker switch version offers simple on/off switching and dimming adjustment, with the ability to save one scene preset. The pushbutton versions support the same capabilities with two or three scene presets. Pushbutton versions may be ordered with standard button labeling or custom button engraving.

All versions of the ZUMMESH-KPBATT allow for mounting to a standard electrical box, or they can be attached directly to the wall using screws or two-sided adhesive tape. A finished installation requires a decorator-style faceplate (sold separately).

ZUMMESH-KPBATT keypads are battery powered and completely wireless. They can operate for five years or more on a single lithium battery (included). Zūm Mesh wireless technology affords easy “pair and play” setup and integration as part of a complete Zūm commercial room lighting system.

Switch and Button Options

There are six versions of the ZUMMESH-KPBATT as follows:

  • ZUMMESH-KP10ABATT – Provides a single rocker switch for on/off switch control, with the ability to adjust the dim level up or down by pressing and holding the switch. A single custom scene preset can be created, which is recalled when turning the lights on by pressing the up position on the rocker switch.
  • ZUMMESH-KP10BBATT – Provides four pushbuttons labeled ON, SCENE 2, SCENE 3, and OFF. Three scene presets can be created and recalled, with Scene 1 assigned to the ON button. Manual dimming adjustment is achieved by pressing and holding the ON (up) and OFF (down) buttons.
  • ZUMMESH-KP10CBATT – Provides six pushbuttons similar to the –KP10BBATT version, but with separate up and down buttons for dimming level adjustment.
  • ZUMMESH-KP10DBATT – Provides six pushbuttons similar to the –KP10CBATT version, but with a SENSOR DISABLE button in place of SCENE 3. Pressing the SENSOR DISABLE button tells the lighting system to temporarily ignore the room’s daylight sensor and occupancy or vacancy sensors for a period of one hour. The sensors can be re-enabled manually by pressing and holding the SENSOR DISABLE button.
  • ZUMMESH-KP10FBATT ENGRAVED – Provides four buttons with custom engraving. Functionality is identical to the –KP10BBATT version.
  • ZUMMESH-KP10GBATT ENGRAVED – Provides six buttons with custom engraving. Functionality is identical to the –KP10CBATT version.

Pair and Play

  • Designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind, Zūm keypads are pre-programmed with “pair and play” functionality. An installer can simply install the keypad in a room along with Zūm load controllers, occupancy or vacancy sensors, and a daylight sensor, set up the room with a few quick button taps, and then use the keypad to control the lights in the room – no programming required! Room setup can also be accomplished using the Zūm app if the room is equipped with a Zūm Network Bridge. The Zūm Network Bridge also enables centralize monitoring and management via a Zūm Floor Hub and Zūm Net Wireless Gateway.

Zūm Mesh Wireless Technology

  • Ultra-reliable Zūm Mesh wireless technology provides steadfast peer-to-peer RF communications within a commercial space without the need for physical control wiring, hubs, or gateways. Employing a Wi-Fi® friendly 2.4 GHz peer-to-peer mesh network topology, nearly every Zūm Mesh device acts as a “routing node,” relaying wireless commands directly between Zūm Mesh devices to ensure that every command reaches its intended destination without disruption.
  • Zūm Mesh is smart! Every Zūm Mesh device knows its purpose and just the right messages to communicate to other Zūm Mesh devices within the space. Each Zūm Mesh device that is added to the space effectively increases the range and stability of the peer-to-peer mesh network by providing multiple redundant signal paths. Each Zūm Mesh device auto-negotiates its RF channel to provide robust communication and is protected through AES 128-bit encryption. The wireless range between any two Zūm Mesh devices is typically 50 feet (15 meters).
  • Please refer to the Zūm Lighting Control System Setup Guide (Doc # 7957A) for additional information.

Key Features

  • Battery-powered Zūm™ wireless keypads
  • Pair and play control of one or more Zūm J-Box Load Controllers 
  • Zūm Mesh peer-to-peer RF communications for easy integration into a complete standalone or
  • networked Zūm wireless lighting control solution 
  • Choice of single rocker switch or up to six pushbuttons
  • Up to three scene presets with pushbutton versions
  • Pushbutton versions available with custom button engraving 
  • Optional sensor disable feature
  • Operates for five years or more on a single lithium battery (included)
  • Mounts directly to any flat wall surface with no holes or box required
  • Allows for mounting to a single-gang or multi-gang electrical box
  • Available in smooth black, white, almond, gray, or red finish
  • Matching decorator-style faceplate available separately
  • Meets UL® 916 standard for energy management equipment
  • Meets CEC Title 24 energy efficiency standards 
  • Meets ASHRAE® 90.1 energy efficiency standards 
  • ICC® International Energy Conservation Code® compliant


Mounting Type:Surface Mount; Wall Box


Maximum Life Hours>5



Misc. Specs

Product Weight (lbs.)0.1400
Width (in.)1.76
Depth (in.)0.42
Height (in.)4.26
WarningProposition 65 Warning for California Residents