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Crestron® DigitalMedia 8G™ Fiber Receiver & Room Controller 200
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Crestron® DigitalMedia 8G™ Fiber Receiver & Room Controller 200

Model #: DM-RMC-200-S
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Crestron® DigitalMedia 8G™ Fiber Receiver & Room Controller 200 with high-definition scaler and LAN connectivity
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A DM 8G® Fiber receiver and display controller with built-in HD scaler and audio amplifier.

The DM-RMC-200-S provides an advanced one-box interface solution for a single display device as part of a complete Crestron® DigitalMedia™ system. It functions as a DM 8G® Fiber receiver, video scaler, audio amplifier, and control interface, providing a single HDMI® output along with speaker and line level audio, plus Ethernet, USB HID, and a variety of control ports. Built-in scaling enables the connected display to handle any video resolution up to HD 1080p or WUXGA. Its compact, low-profile design allows the DM-RMC-200-S to be installed discreetly behind a flat panel display or above a ceiling mounted projector. It connects to the head end or source location using a single multimode fiber strand.

DigitalMedia 8G™ Fiber

  • As the leader in HDMI and control system technologies, Crestron developed DigitalMedia (DM®) to deliver the first complete HD AV distribution system to take HDMI to a higher level. DigitalMedia allows virtually any mix of HDMI and other AV sources to be distributed throughout a home, office, school, or virtually any other facility. The latest generation of DM is called DigitalMedia 8G (DM 8G). Engineered for ultra high-bandwidth and ultimate scalability, DM 8G provides a true one-wire lossless transport for moving high-definition video, audio, Ethernet, and control signals over a choice of twisted pair or fiber optic cable.
  • DM 8G Fiber uses multimode fiber to enable signal distribution between buildings and over lengthy wire runs. DM 8G Fiber handles uncompressed Full HD 1080p video signals with support for 3D, Deep Color, and HDCP, as well as computer signals up to WUXGA. Audio capabilities include support for high-bitrate 7.1 audio formats like Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ as well as uncompressed linear PCM. All signals are transported over one strand of multimode fiber, supporting distances up to 1000 feet (300 m) using CresFiber® 8G, or 500 feet (150 m) using other multimode fiber optic cable.

Multimedia Display Interface

  • A single HDMI digital AV output port is provided on the DM-RMC-200-S for connection to a display or other device. The HDMI output can also handle DVI signals using an appropriate adapter or interface cable[2].A single fiber strand connects the DM-RMC-200-S to a DM switcher or transmitter, transporting video, audio, control, and networking signals all through one simple SC type optical connection.[1] Multiple DM-RMC-200-Ss may be installed to handle each display in a multiroom distribution system, all fed from a central DM-MD series switcher. Or, a single DM-RMC-200-S can be fed straight from a DM 8G Fiber transmitter, affording a simple solution for extending a computer or AV signal to a single display.

High-Definition Scaler

  • Through a distributed scaler approach, DigitalMedia delivers an incredibly flexible and user-friendly solution for routing multiple disparate sources to many different display devices. By placing an independent high-performance scaler at every display device, DM ensures an optimal image on every screen no matter what sources are selected. Distributed scaling allows a high-res computer source to be viewed on any display in the building. It also allows a high-definition 3D source to be viewed on lower-resolution 2D displays without compromising the original signal, letting you share your theater's full HD 1080p 3D image with smaller, lesser displays in other rooms.The DM-RMC-200-S accepts any video source from standard NTSC 480i to Full HD 1080p60, as well as computer sources from VGA to UXGA/WUXGA, and scales them perfectly to match the native resolution of your video display. A range of common output resolutions are supported to work with virtually any popular flat-panel display, projector, or computer monitor. Intelligent frame rate conversion enables support for 24p and PAL format sources, and 3D to 2D conversion allows 3D content to be fed simultaneously to separate 3D and 2D displays.[3] Setup and use of the scaler is simplified through fully automatic operation utilizing the display's EDID. 

Dual-Projector 3D Support

  • A pair of DM-RMC-200-Ss can be used to facilitate a dual-projector 3D setup, steering just the left eye portion of a 3D signal to one projector, and the right eye portion to the other. This is done using the scaler's 3D to 2D conversion mode, enabling 3D capability with scaling.

Video Wall Processing

  • The DM-RMC-200-S has another trick up its sleeve, providing zoom capability and bezel compensation on its output to display just a portion of the source image. Using this feature, multiple units may be combined to configure a video wall composed of up to 16 individual displays. Configurations of 2x2, 3x2, 3x3, 4x3, or 4x4 are supported, and all that is required is a separate DM-RMC-200-S for each display, and a DM switcher with sufficient DM 8G Fiber outputs.

Audio Extracting

  • The DM-RMC-200-S is equipped with an analog audio output, allowing stereo audio signals to be extracted from the digital stream and fed to a pair of speakers or a local sound system. The output volume is adjustable via a control system using a keypad, touch screen, handheld remote, or mobile device.

Built-in Audio Amplifier

  • Its built-in 30 Watt stereo amplifier allows the DM-RMC-200-S to drive a pair of speakers without requiring a separate amplifier.

LAN Connectivity

  • Along with high-definition AV and control, DigitalMedia also integrates high-speed Ethernet networking for a total signal distribution solution. The DM-RMC-200-S includes a 10/100 Ethernet port, providing a convenient LAN connection for a local network device.

USB Signal Extension

  • DigitalMedia allows for the routing of USB signals alongside video and audio. A USB HID compliant mouse or keyboard can be connected directly to the DM-RMC-200-S and used to control a computer or media server that’s located at the central equipment cabinet or some other location. Crestron also offers USB over Ethernet Extender Modules (USB-EXT-DM), which may be added to enable support for more USB devices of virtually any type.

Embedded Device Control

  • The primary objective of every Crestron system is to enable precisely the control desired for a seamless user experience. The DM-RMC-200-S includes built-in RS-232, IR, and Ethernet control ports to allow programmable control of the display device connected to it. But, it can also provide an alternative to such conventional control methods by harnessing the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) signal embedded in HDMI. Through its connection to the control system, the DM-RMC-200-S provides a gateway for controlling the display device right through the HDMI connection, potentially eliminating the need for any dedicated control wires or IR emitters.Two low-voltage relay ports are also included on the DM-RMC-200-S for control of a projection screen or lift. In addition, there are two discrete digital input ports to accommodate room occupancy sensors, power sensors, or contact closures for enhanced automation and monitoring.

Low-Profile Installation

  • Its low-profile design makes the DM-RMC-200-S perfect for installation behind a flat panel display or above a ceiling mounted projector. It mounts to a standard 2-gang US, UK, or European electrical box using the mounting bracket provided. The bracket even includes a convenient holder for the external power pack, providing for a clean installation that protrudes a mere 1-5/8 inches (41 mm) from the mounting surface. Connections are positioned on the top, bottom, and rear of the unit. The design of the mounting bracket allows wires up to 0.23 inches (6 mm) in diameter to extend from the electrical box behind as needed. An array of indicators is provided on the front panel for easy setup and troubleshooting.
  • Please refer to the DigitalMedia Resources Webpage at for additional design tools and reference documents.  

Key Features

  • DigitalMedia 8G™ Fiber receiver, high-definition scaler, audio amplifier, and display controller
  • Connects to a DM® switcher or transmitter over one multimode fiber strand 
  • Supports cable lengths up to 1000 ft (300 m) using CresFiber® 8G, or 500 ft (150 m) using other multimode fiber 
  • Provides one HDMI® or DVI display output 
  • Handles any video resolution from standard NTSC 480i or PAL 576i, to HD 1080p60 w/Deep Color
  • Handles any computer resolution from VGA to UXGA/WUXGA
  • Scales the signal to match the native resolution of virtually any digital video display or computer monitor up to 1080p or WUXGA
  • Provides intelligent frame rate conversion
  • Includes content-adaptive noise reduction
  • Allows motion-adaptive de-interlacing or interlacing
  • Allows adjustable overscan or underscan up to 7.5%
  • Provides automatic 3D to 2D signal conversion 
  • Automatically passes 3D video without scaling to 3D capable displays 
  • Supports left/right eye steering for dual-projector 3D setups 
  • Scalable zoom feature enables 2x2, 3x2, 3x3, 4x3, or 4x4 video wall capability 
  • Handles Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD®, and uncompressed 7.1 linear PCM audio
  • Provides a stereo analog line-level audio output with volume control 
  • Allows extraction of stereo 2-channel audio signals
  • Includes a built-in 30 Watt stereo amplifier 
  • HDCP compliant
  • Provides a 10/100 Ethernet LAN connection
  • Enables device control via CEC, IR, RS-232, and Ethernet
  • Provides two relay control ports and two contact sensing inputs
  • Enables USB HID signal extension for a local keyboard/mouse
  • Compatible with Crestron® USB over Ethernet Extenders 
  • Allows quick, easy setup and diagnostics
  • Low-profile design mounts to a 2-gang US, UK, or European wall box
  • Includes mounting bracket with integral power pack holder
  • Universal power pack included


USB Port:1
Connector Type:RCA Out; DM In; HDMI Out



Misc. Specs

Depth (in.)1.73
Width (in.)10.83
Height (in.)7.92
Amount Of Lan Ports1
Product Weight (lbs.)3.2000
WarningProposition 65 Warning for California Residents