Q: How do I start my project?

A: We want to hear from you. Simply call our office, 704-257-6472 for Lake Norman, or 843-883-6131 for Hilton Head, to speak to us or email We’ll want to know if your project is new construction or existing (retro) and get a general idea of the services you are interested in? Do you have access to blue-prints or need us to walk the space? Who is your builder or general contractor and of course some contact information and location of the project. We will then schedule a meeting or walk-through interview to generate your first formal proposal.

Q: What kind of pricing can I expect? Can you work with my budget?

A: We offer systems that can range from a few thousand dollar whole house audio system all the way up to a $100K+ full home automation package, complete with custom home theater. We work with just about all budgets so call us today to discuss some options. If you are simply looking to hang a TV or have some other simple install, we charge on a time and labor basis.

Q: What brand name products do you carry?

A: Hot Wired is very selective about the brands we carry and sell to our clientele. Research and industry referrals are conducted with each manufacturer before we even entertain the idea of carrying the product. After that, we place our manufacturers through an interview process where we cover the following aspects: company size, location of manufacturing, quality of materials used, warranty & dealer support, training, best practices, industry involvement and pricing.

We carry many recognizable brands but also enjoy showing off the "unheard-ofs" that offer high quality at great values. We’ll happily help you compare and make the most knowledgable decisions.

Q: We are remodeling, how is the process different from new construction?

A: With new construction, we pre-wire the space during studs, come back after drywall to locate wires and trim, then we return for a third visit for final product install and conduct a system orientation.

With remodels or (retro-fits), we usually do the pre-wire, trim and final install combined since we do not have to wait for other trades to finish work. We use all sorts of tricks-of-the-trade combined with the best products to retrofit any space with little to no damage to existing drywall, etc.

Q: I have an existing system in my home. Can you still help me?

A: Yes, our talented team has taken on all sorts of projects from new construction to plenty of existing system takeovers. We’ll want to start by evaluating equipment we can repurpose and move to what might need replacing. It’s important to consider every working component, it’s stage in its life-cycle and rebuild the most reliable system possible.

Q: Do you have a showroom or a way to demo a home theater?

A: Yes, we sure do and we invite you to schedule an appointment so we can demonstrate all that’s possible in a professionally designed digital home or office. We have a media room, boardroom, and dedicated home theater. Come experience heart pounding surround sound, crystal clear projection with instant-on features, large LCD displays, in-ceiling and in-wall speaker systems, sound bars, touchpad, lighting, shade and comfortable seating options.

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Q: Do you work with my builder? What's the process?

A: We work with many builders and even architects. There’s a good chance we may already do work with yours. Just as other contractors like electricians and plumbers coordinate with your builder, we will do the same. It starts with a pre-wire process based on the systems you would like to have installed. Then when ready, we’ll return to install, program, and train you on your new integrated systems.

Q: Do you work with other trades such as Interior Designers, etc?

A: We forge close partnerships with many types of trades. These include Interior Designers, Painters, Custom Cabinet Makers, Landscapers, Pool Specialist, etc. If you are in need of a trade referral we will be glad to help.

You also might be looking to bring that truly unique idea to life? We love doing custom work and will work with any trade to give your project that wow factor and see your idea through