Hot Wired AV Commercial Services specializes in the design, installation and service of technologies essential to your business.

STEP 1: Get an idea of the technology you are interested in. It’s recommended to start with “control system required” options marked with a (Crestron & Control 4 badge) as they require a control platform for usability.

STEP 2: Contact us to schedule a 1 on 1 meeting with our dedicated commercial technologist to discover the unique needs of your project and if your chosen technology is a good fit for your application. We will discuss each in more depth. Our recommended solutions, and design services will enhance workplace environment and create your envisioned customer experience. If you have no idea what you’d like, go ahead and pick up the phone or send us an email and we’ll walk you through everything.

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Commercial Technology, control platform required.*

  • Lighting ControlsLighting ControlsCrestron or Control 4 required. Keypad buttons or motion detection can trigger lighting “scenes” to a desired ambiance. Keep it simple with “all on/off” functions or set “welcome” and “away” scenes.
  • HVAC ControlHVAC ControlCrestron or Control 4 required. Keep tabs on climate control in multiple areas with set variables and functions to maintain optimal temperatures.
  • Energy Monitoring & ManagementEnergy Monitoring & ManagementCrestron or Control 4 required. Analyze usage on one platform to get the most out of your operational costs.
Commercial Audio
  • 70v/120v Grid or Open-Ceiling Speakers70v/120v Grid or Open-Ceiling SpeakersWith Background music, enhance the mood or subtly provide privacy in a polite way.
  • Pendent SpeakersPendent SpeakersOpen ceiling applications can be stunning and brand enhancing. Dual purpose in form and function with this audio solution.
  • Entry and Outdoor SoundEntry and Outdoor SoundSubliminally welcome guests in or invite them to stay in an area with the right ambiance.
  • White Noise ApplicationsWhite Noise ApplicationsKeep privacy and encourage workplace productivity in small spaces.
  • Acoustical SolutionsAcoustical SolutionsSome buildings echo and some buildings are too quiet. Acoustical treatments in varies materials are available to remedy both.
Commercial Video
  • IMAGE_NameDigital SignageDeliver your message or promotion with appeal. TV’s can be both landscape or portrait oriented.
  • Multi-TV Design & Box ManagementMulti-TV Design & Box ManagementOur Commercial TVs are designed for high use with better warranties than consumer grade.
  • Video WallsVideo WallsVideo walls deliver seamless images and customized media scalable to any size or shape.
Dedicated Room Tech Design *May Require a Control System
  • Conference RoomsConference Rooms*Enter a space of professionalism with connectivity & collaboration that reflects Brand identity.
  • Reception & Lobby AreasReception & Lobby Areas*Create a culture that speaks in customer-provided spaces to increase sales.
  • Gyms & Other Benefit AreasGyms & Other Benefit Areas*Provide common areas that speak to the employee’s self-reflection for productivity.
Security Monitoring
  • CamerasCamerasSafety and security begins with eyes in the sky. Get the coverage and clarity needed in any environment.
  • Controlled Access GatesControlled Access GatesDetermine vehicle entry and exiting from single or multiple premise points, tailored to your permissions.
  • Building EntranceBuilding EntranceMake entry quick & seamless while providing maximum security.
  • Restricted AreasRestricted AreasKeep data & property protected by allowing granted access to those with the proper authority.
Data Communications
  • Layer 1&2 NetworkingLayer 1&2 NetworkingChoose between routing functions that meet your organizational needs.
  • VLAN ProgrammingVLAN ProgrammingReduce congestion and increase reliability by grouping devices securely within the network.
  • Wi-FiWi-FiWirelessly access the network and allow guest access for flexibility.
  • Cell Phone ExtendersCell Phone ExtendersEnsure coverage is at its best with increased signal strength within and around the property.

Our Services

Contract Management

You most likely have a contract that you’d like us to follow as a hired contractor as we have a contracted method of carrying out our work. Conducting business as a partnership is important to us and important to both our Brands.


We use the best processes to install efficiently and effectively. We are experienced in our technology and will be an extension of any department, including IT, that we may need to work closely with. We will coordinate any needs or changes to the appropriate personnel.

Jobsite & Schedule Management

We like our workspaces clean and so do you. We’ll haul away our own trash, keep tools safe and protect finished surfaces. We treat others as we would like to be treated and do our very best to stay on task and on schedule. We’ll never leave a jobsite without giving an update to the powers-that-be.


Our programming takes the user experience into great consideration. We know that there is a direct correlation between a user’s happiness with a system and the system’s user-friendliness. At the completion of a project, we hold a system orientation to show you how to operate it and answer any questions.

Monitoring Devices

Every control system incorporates a monitoring device that alerts us if devices fall offline. We have remote capabilities to reboot hardwired pieces to ease trouble shooting dilemmas.

Technician Access

We have a support system dedicated to you when you need us. Direct Support # 704-257-6472 ext40. Direct Support email: